I’m a hobbyist who loves traveling and photo walks. One day, I said to myself that I’m going to create a blog where I could post some photos of my random photowalks.  I was apprehensive at first because majority of my photos were taken using a point-and-shoot camera and was afraid that the quality would pale in comparison with photos taken using a DSLR. But, my friends encouraged me to forget about the P&S vs DSLR issue and to just go ahead and set up a photo blog. So, there you go. After mustering enough confidence, I finally created this blog in 2015.

Until now, I consider myself as an amateur photographer. But, I also believe that my lack of equipment will not hinder me from capturing wonderful memories and places because I really love photography.

So, dear fellow bloggers and random visitors, welcome to my photoblog! (=^o^)


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